10 Reasons Why You Should Travel The World NOW!!

  1. Travelling has never been easier!
    I believe that traveling should never be complicated. It’s actually something that everyone should experience in their lives… and not just once! With the travel industry growing exponentially every single day, there’s thousands of qualified and experienced travel agents ready to do everything for you! Just let the agent know what your expectations are, then sit back and wait for them to plan a perfect itinerary! To get started on a quote now, call 1 866 270 1907 toll-free from the USA & Canada!

  2. Because Europe is on sale!
    Between the strong dollar and the abundance of budget airlines in Europe, you’re sure to get the best prices this summer.

  3. The roads are clear!
    Apart from during the 5’oclock rush hour, studies show that less and less cars are on the roads these days. This might be the perfect year for a roadtrip!

  4. Because airports really aren’t that bad!
    With the increasing number of people traveling, airport expansions are happening all around the globe! And we’re talking billions of dollars in renovations. From Singapore Airport’s movie theatres, to the beer garden at Munich airport and the countless fine-dining restaurants at most airports in the world, stopovers have never been more entertaining!

  5. You have the money! You just need to find it…
    I’m not talking about turning down the heat or getting rid of that Netflix subscription! Studies show that if you prepare your own meals and eat out less, than the average person can save $250 a month!! In one year, that translates to $3000, which is enough to travel just about anywhere your heart desires!

  6. The globe keeps on spinning…
    All those places that you want to visit before they’re gone, from rapidly changing cultures to endangered places, aren’t disappearing any slower just because the economy is tanking. Are you going to float in the Dead Sea before it’s gone? Are you going to see the Icelandic Glacier of Vatnajökull before it melts? Are you going to see the long-neck tribe in Thailand before they’re gone?

  7. Because you deserve an ice cold beer!
    With the Craft Beer scene booming, our delicious carbonated yeast juice has never been more delicious! Europe is home to more breweries than anywhere else in the world! Whether you’re looking for a bitter IPA, a crisp stout or a fruity lager, you’ll find more than you can drink in a lifetime in Europe.

  8. You deserve it!
    Studies show that 55% of Americans don’t even take all their vacation days! And 44% of Americans, didn’t even take a SINGLE DAY OFF!!! C’mon, America! After years of working the dreaded 9-5, you’re going to burn out eventually. Why not take a break under the sun with a delicious strawberry daiquiri and sand in between your toes?

  9. It’s time to up your postcard collection!
    Whether from the edge or just from New Jersey, these cultural souvenirs have Instagram beat when it comes to tangible travel pleasures.

  10. Last but not least… IT’S CHEAP!
    And I mean like really cheap. Like half price cheap (if you have a good travel agent who’s constantly looking out for the best deals).  Airlines are gutting their bottom lines with ridiculous fare sales, taxis are getting replaced by Uber and hotels are offering free breakfasts on top of free nights on top of discounts. Did you know that the average beer in Hungary costs only $1.20 on average, when dining out? Did you know that a  huge meal in Egypt only costs $2 on average? Did you know that there’s a hostel in Nepal for only $3.50 a night? Did you know that a shirt in Thailand can be as cheap as $3???!!! Sometimes, even with the purchase of a flight & accommodation, travelling abroad can be more cost-efficient than staying home!


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