Top budget airlines in Europe!

There’s hundreds of reasons to go to Europe. It’s a continent that’s so rich in culture and diversity. There’s a little bit for everyone: mouth-watering food, fascinating history, exciting night life, absolutely beautiful cities and picturesque villages.

People have this idea in their head that a trip to Europe is expensive! It can be, but it definitely doesn’t have to be. The cheapest way to get around from country to country can actually be flying, if you’re flexible with when and where you want to go. Almost all major European cities have budget-friendly transit systems that can get you to and from the airport fairly quickly.

I once flew from London to Paris for €18. I’ve flown from Oslo to Copenhagen for less. But how do you find these low-cost flights? Here’s your list of the top __ budget airlines in Europe!

1. Ryanair
This no-frills airline is perfect for direct flights between two European cities. With one-way flights starting at just  €8, it’s hard not to pass up this airline! Be cautious of their “hidden fees”, such as printing your ticket at the airport or checking a luggage. As with most budget airlines, always always always pay for your luggage in advance, or you could be paying over  €50 at the airport! Paying for luggage in advance is significantly cheaper.

2. Norwegian Air
This is my personal favourite budget airline, simply because the prices are so low. Sometimes you can find lower prices elsewhere, but in general I find that this airline is a great one. They don’t offer connecting flights and take no liability for missed connections, so make sure to plan at least a two hour layover.

3. AirBerlin
Perfect for travel to and from Germany. This airline offers an abundance of different flights. With 16 different locations and a staggering 92 destinations outside of Germany, this is a great airline with tons of options. They even offer long-haul flights to Africa and the middle east!

4. EasyJet
Like most budget airlines, this airline does not offer connecting flights and recommends at least a two hour stop over if you’re buying separate tickets. This airline is completely no-frills, but a phenomenal way to get around Europe, especially to/from the UK.

5. WOW Air
This airline is simply the cheapest way to get to/from the new tourist destination Iceland! I’ve spent 5 weeks in Iceland and I can confidently say that it’s a country definitely worth checking out.

6. Wizzair
This budget airline is another great choice, especially for those travel in Eastern Europe. This airline has the cheapest flights to/from Budapest that I’ve ever seen online.

7. Flybe
This airline is an extremely budget-friendly way to see more of the UK than just London. You can fly to a large handful of British cities, usually for cheaper than taking the train. They also fly to other parts of Europe, but this airline is best for travel within the UK.

Like most airlines, it’s usually best to book early, as flights get more expensive as the date approaches. For the best prices, travel on weekdays in the early morning, or late at night. Before spending up to €100 on a single train ticket, make sure to consider these airlines. I know someone who flew from Helsinki to Dublin for €5!

Happy traveling!




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