New Years in Las Vegas


When I say “New Years”, you probably think “New York”, don’t you?

New Years in Las Vegas is so spectacular that it puts Times Square to shame. Every year, half a million people flock to Las Vegas to celebrate the spectacular day! New Years in Vegas can be described in one simple word: Crazy! And in a good way.

The entire strip is shut down to traffic at 6 PM and that’s when the real party starts! Everyone looks their very best and heads out for a night to remember (or forget!). The entire strip is one big block party for you and thousands of strangers. There’s music playing, drinks flowing and at midnight all the casinos put off a choreographed firework display!

Inside the showrooms are rocking the very hottest entertainment and clubs are packed with celebrities and party-goers who are all ready to have a grand time! New Years in Vegas is very expensive, but if you can afford it, it’s worth every penny!

If you’re not a huge fan of crowds and loud music, then Fremont St will be a better atmosphere for you. There’s a lot of shows on Fremont St to chose from and it’s a very festive and fun night nonetheless!

Make sure you book early. Once you decide you want to go for New Years, just book the tickets because I’ve seen prices go up hundreds of dollars in a heartbeat. By October, many hotels are already sold out for December 31st.


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