Hawaii: Maui or Honolulu?

For so many reasons, Hawaii is an amazing and extremely popular traveler destination! American citizens needn’t a passport and airfare is often found for quite cheap from both Canada and the US. It’s not at all uncommon for Canadians to find airfare for less than $400 CAD and for Americans to find it for under $300 USD.

Hawaii is an isolated volcanic archipelago in the Central Pacific. It’s made up of six main islands, all which are known for rugged landscape with cliffs, waterfalls and tropical vegetation. Beach bums will be happy here as there’s no shortage of white sand beaches… you can even find red, black and green sand beaches!

A question I get often is, “What’s better: Maui or Honolulu?” I always struggle to answer this question, because “better” is in the eye of the beholder. Many people prefer Maui and many people prefer Honolulu.

Honolulu is located on the central island of Hawaii– Oahu. It is the economic center. There are many things that Oahu offers that other islands don’t. Especially diversity; you can get a city feel as well as the paradise island vibe. There are many community events, places to eat, places to shop, attractions and, of course, people! People who enjoy doing different things everyday will definitely enjoy Oahu!

Oahu is the island where you can reach Pearl Harbor, Waikiki Beach, the Polynesian Cultural center and the Dole pineapple plantation! There’s no shortage of tourist attractions.

Maui, however, will appeal to someone who enjoys a slower and more laid back way of life. If you’re not keen on visiting the major tourist destinations listed above, then you’ll enjoy the island immensely. Maui isn’t as condensed as Oahu and therefore has less businesses, attractions, restaurants and people. Traffic, at times, seems nonexistent. The island is larger physically, and therefore has more beaches that tend to be much bigger (but also have less people!).

Asking if Maui or Honolulu is better is like asking if London or Paris is better? New York or Miami? It all comes down to preference and desires.

If you’re still on the fence about which island to visit, I suggest you visit both! You can typically find flights from one island to the other for less than $120.



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