Why should I turn my phone off during landing & take-off?

Why do we need to turn off our phones when a plane is landing or taking off?

Personal story: My aunt died in 2001. She died because she was on a plane that was delayed due to air traffic at the airport. It was only delayed by a half an hour or so, but when the pilot announced the delay, everyone with cell phones was calling their loved ones to politely let them know about the delay.

Because nearly half the plane was calling via cell phone towers, the plane crashed and every single person on board that air craft died. Every. Single. Person.

So why should we turn our phones off during take-off and landing?

Well, airlines now are designed with interference in mind. You won’t crash a plane by texting your Mom, don’t worry. But, because there’s been over 50 crashes due to cellular communications, it’s still suggested to put your phone on airplane mode.


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