The $20 Trick: How thousands of people are getting $100+ hotel upgrades for $20

What is the 20 dollar trick?
The 20 dollar trick is a life-hack that’s been gaining popularity throughout the hotel industry. Essentially, when checking into your hotel, you ask the desk clerk, “Do you have any complimentary upgrades today?” while slipping them a $20 bill nonchalantly. This works best while handing them your credit card as you’re about to pay any additional charges. This method of getting low-cost upgrades has up to a 90% success rate at hotels in Las Vegas.

Why does this work?
The desk clerks don’t get paid commission and are allowed to give people complimentary upgrades (usually they reserve this for an upset guest, etc). It’s an unwritten rule that if the clerk doesn’t upgrade you, they give back the $20. Most hotel clerks are very familiar with this trick.

What are the benefits?
This is best used in order to either get a room upgrade (which can sometimes be hundreds of dollars additional), or to get out of paying the resort fee (which for a single weekend can be upwards of $100). To be blunt, you can save A LOT of money.

Does this work everywhere?
This works best in Las Vegas (because so many people do it there and clerks are allowed to give complimentary upgrades), New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta. There’s almost no risk, so you can try in other cities in the world, but I would be cautious doing it in a city like Cairo, for example, as the clerk might just take your “tip” and not upgrade your room.

What are the risks?
Losing your $20. If you’re in a city like Vegas, you’re likely going to lose that money at the casino anyways… look at it like a gamble!

Is this illegal?
Not at all.

Many people have had immense success with this trick in all levels of hotels from Circus Circus to the Bellagio! Try it out and leave a comment below on how it went.



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