A Booze-Lover’s Guide to Vancouver

Whether you just drink on vacation or you drink on the daily, if you’re interested in experiencing Vancouver’s unique drinking culture, this is the guide for you! This comprehensive 2 night guide will not only show you local favourites, but will also give you an opportunity to explore the most beautiful areas of Vancouver.

Day 1

You know what they say, the most important meal of the day is the one that prevents you from getting too drunk too fast. Make your way downtown to 455 Abott St, where you’ll find The Pint, a local favourite. By night, this pub is a rowdy and upbeat dance floor, but by day it’s a boisterous sports pub where you can get classic bar appetizers & up to 40 different flavours of wings! As the name suggests, you can also enjoy a pint or two of beer here!

After enjoying lunch, make your way to 568 Abott St, where you’ll find Crosstown Liquor store. Grab yourself a 26. (“26”, pronounced two-six, is a Canadian term for a 750 mL bottle of any hard liquor). Make sure to throw your 26 into your backpack, because public drinking is not legal in Canada. Next time you stop at Starbucks for a piss break, ask the barista for an empty cup, she’ll give one to you for free. Now pour your booze into it and drink up!

Continue walking the direction you were, and eventually you’ll hit what’s called the Sea Wall. Make a left and enjoy the scenic walk around False Creek. Eventually you’ll hit Beer Island! (The official name is Habitat Island), where you can drunkly hop over some rocks and sit on the Island and admire the beautiful city while polishing off that 26.

Next, head over to the CRAFT Beer Market! It’s an absolutely enormous brewery with well over 100 local and international beers on tap. Their menu, however, has hundreds more beers. This can be somewhat overwhelming, but the servers here are extremely knowlegable on beer and you can ask them anything! If you’re still on the fence, I highly recommend ordering the beer sampler. At any given time they have two: a local one and an international one. It comes with 6 very diverse beers and it’s a great price!

You’re probably hungry again, so now it’s time to head over to 989 Granville St, where you’ll find The Warehouse. Check out the full menu with anything from a plate of nachos, to a burger or even some vegetarian options. Treat yourself to one or even two meals, as everything on the menu is only $4.95 CAD! The Warehouse also hosts a full-bar. Expect your server to be quite tipsy.

Time to party Vancouver-style! Granville street is easily the most ‘happening’ street in Vancouver. There’s tons of options about where to end your night. You can head to The Roxy (932 Granville St) for an energetic and rambunctious night of dancing, Caprice Nightclub (967 Granville St) which has a massive dance floor or a lounge upstairs, or Venue which is the latest hotspot of Vancity! At Venue Nightclub (881 Granville St), you can expect the hottest DJs and freshest beats. Granville street is the entertainment district of Vancouver, so get lost, get drunk and have fun!

Day 2

You’re probably feeling a little bit hungover today, so now it’s time for the Canadian cure – poutine! Head over to 1885 Commercial Drive. This area of town is a great place to experience Vancouver’s diversity. Here, you’ll find Belgian Fries, which is easily the best poutine place in Vancouver. I recommend ordering the classic. The sizes are quite generous, so a large is definitely shareable (especially after the night you had last night.)

Once you’ve finished your poutine and you’re feeling better, head down to 1305 Commericial drive, where you’ll find Storm Crow Tavern. This a great place to relax, drink and play games before another big night out. The Storm Crow is known for it’s extensive collection of board games and card games. Roll the 20-sided dice for $5 and let fate decide which shot you’ll have! Roll a 20 and you’ll get a supersized mega-shot AND you get to keep the shot glass! Awesome souvenir.

Head over to Gastown, which is the oldest part of Vancouver. This cozy area is full of hidden treasures (and liquor stores). If you’re not drunk enough, grab yourself a mickey (“mickey” is Canadian slang for any 375 mL bottle of hard liquor) and head over to the waterfront, where you can drink and enjoy the absolutely beautiful view of the mountains.

There’s countless bars in Gastown, but I really recommend The Keefer Bar on 135 Keefer street. It’s a dark, yet luxurious, bar with a patio. They serve Asian-inspired cocktails and fusion small plates. Another great option would be Alibi Room on 157 Alexander St which is in a heritage building and has over 50 beers on tap and a menu of locally sourced food.

If you have time to kill before dancing the night away, why not waste some time in Pub 340 (340 Cambie St), where you can waste time playing pinball, singing karaoke or warming up on the dance floor.

The next stop is Blarney Stone, where you’ll get absolutely black out drunk and finish the night off! Located on 216 Carall St, this Irish-themed bar is where all the action is! With amazing live performances and a wild dance floor, this upbeat bar is an absolute favourite of anyone who walks through these doors! Hint: To avoid paying cover, stop off at Blarney as soon as you arrive in gas town and get your hand stamped upon exiting.

Day 3

Head over to the self proclaimed “home of the hangover breakfast” on 101 Main Street. Here you’ll find Deacon’s Corner, with a complete hangover menu, including chicken fried steak, pulled pork and pancakes, hashbrowns & eggs or even chicken & biscuits with gravy.

I’m sure by now, your inner alcoholic has a desire to keep drinking, but this guide ends here. This 2 night drinking guide has shown you enough of the city, that you know the spots to drink like a local! Remember that happy hour is from 3-5 PM.


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